This Other Eden: A Country Diary


‘Oh now that the genius of Bewick were mine / And the skills that he learned on the banks of the Tyne’ (Wordsworth) When in 2017 I moved from Lancashire to live in Northumberland, encouraged by Kim I took to volunteering for the National Trust at Cherryburn, birthplace of the engraver, artist and naturalist Thomas … Continue reading Cherryburn

July Days

Temperatures have been taking wild swings, from sizzling to chilly. More thankfully rain revived the greenery and topped up the near empty water butts. We continue to save bath water and fill the zinc trough in the yard. Very pleased to source and fit covers for our other open top tubs thus ending the accidental … Continue reading July Days

Walk in the Woods

But most where trees are sending / Their breezy boughs on high / Or stooping low are lending / A shelter from the sky. (From: ‘Moonlight, Summer Moonlight’ by Emily Bronte) A favourite local walk threads through a mile and a half of mixed woodlands and riverside where Kielder Forest intersects with the rough upland … Continue reading Walk in the Woods

Hay Up

Through the ample open door of the peaceful country barn / A sunlit pasture field with cattle and horse feeding / And haze and vista, and the far horizon fading away. Walt Whitman: A Farm Picture The summer heat wave has finally arrived, like a long awaited and keenly anticipated guest. Here in the far … Continue reading Hay Up


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