This Other Eden: A Country Diary

Fledglings, Field walk and Hawkers

This season’s second swallow brood hatched earlier than last year’s and of course fledged sooner so chances of survival on the great migration begin to look better. Their departure from the nest under the eaves of the garden door deck took place the very Sunday morning we held a celebratory outdoor party, which saw some … Continue reading Fledglings, Field walk and Hawkers

Room With A View

On my first visit to the Cornerhouse, fresh (or not so fresh) from camping at friends wedding in the Lake District, I was glad to take a shower upstairs before joining the company. The glorious view I took in from the bathroom that hot August day has not changed eleven years later, here once more … Continue reading Room With A View

Farming, Flowers and Flutterbys

Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man. (Vladimir Nabokov) Our postie, John, told me an amazing story the other day. Out on his deliveries driving along Stanegate – the old Roman road that linked Vindolanda and Corbridge – he encountered its martial spirit in an unexpected way. Surprised by an odd … Continue reading Farming, Flowers and Flutterbys

At Rest

This old stone ark / moored on the hump back / of the Whin Sill, is rock / is rainbow, is anchor / Buttressed against weather, / like hands arched in prayer… From ‘Throckrington Church’ by Linda France. What do the following three outstanding individuals have in common? William, Lord Beveridge (1879 – 1963). Liberal … Continue reading At Rest


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